The Nautilus Project Explained

The Nautilus Project Explained

Laurel Isbister Irby founded The Nautilus Project in 2012, and it has grown into a multi-year, multi-city interdisciplinary series of art projects.

The projects are created to revitalize communities of artists and art lovers, to connect diverse groups of people, and to envison an alternative to the typical goals of a “CD release party.”


Rather than a one-time, commercialized approach to celebrating the completion of a recording project where the goal is to sell as many units as possible, the goal for the CD release of “Nautilus” by Laurel Isbister Irby is to expand consciousness, connect people together, and tap into a long tradition of artists and art lovers for reinventing the world.

2012 – Jackson MS (visual art, music & dance, held at Eudora Welty Commons)

2014 – Portland, OR with Jackson, MS (writing, visual art, music & dance)

2016 – Brooklyn, NY with Jackson, MS (teaching, food, visual art, music & dance)

2018 – Nashville, TN with Jackson, MS (gardening, love, visual art, music & dance)