The Nautilus Project – Jackson, Mississippi (2012)

Now that the 2013/2014 Portland Nautilus Project has been getting underway, it seemed a good time to post some information about the first project in the multi-year series. The 2012 Jackson project featured a live music concert and a show of visual art created by Jackson artists. The artwork was chosen by the artists in relationship to three songs for the “Nautilus” CD  – “Jackson,” “Gold,” and the title track, “Nautilus.”

Many of the guest musicians featured on “Nautilus” performed live, including Rhonda Richmond, Jamie Weems, Wes Hughes and Loye Ashton. There were also improvisations by two members of the local Front Porch dance company, Krista Bower and Valerie Nicholson.

The event took place at the Commons at Eudora Welty’s Birthplace, a relatively new spot in Jackson’s downtown scene. The Commons has been a place where creative types can gather, put on concerts, shows and other events like yoga classes. The atmosphere is casual and homey there.

The visual artists featured at the show ranged from professionals such as Tony Davenport, BeBe Wolfe and David Rae Morris, to beginners exhibiting in their first formal show, such as Akiko Sekihata and Dimitrus Williams. The show also featured a wonderful hand-made modern porch swing by Andy Hilton.  His swings are now featured at the Mississippi Museum of Art.

The evening that the show opened the space was filled with all kinds of folks, professional types, artists, students and professors, scientists and musicians. The way the Jackson community thrives on such events creates opportunities for collaboration, dialog and hope. This event was a huge success!

When there’s more time I plan to share more about the artists and dancers, and also include some photos from the art opening & music and dance performances.  Next week I meet with the Portland Nautilus project participants and I’m thrilled about that!


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